Come Explore Machu Picchu and Cusco!

Peru is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries you could visit. It is home to a fantastic cultural site, Machu Picchu (“Old Peak”), the ancient city of the Incas high in the Andes Mountains, located in the Cusco region of the country. Peru offers spectacular adventure and memories to last a lifetime.

Machu Picchu ( was constructed by the Incas in the 15th century at the zenith of the Inca Empire in South America, and abandoned only a century later during the Spanish Conquest. Since the city does not bear evidence of the damage that the Spanish… Continue reading

Carnival Cruise Review of the Miracle

Our Carnival cruise review of the Miracle from our sailing to the Eastern Caribbean. The Miracle is one of the Spirit class of Carnival ships. We simply love this line of ships as they are very modern in appearance and not too gaudy. The artwork appeared as if it was museum quality. You will also see a lot of movie and novel themed areas such as Robison Crusoe, The Great Gatsby and Gotham. When first boarding the ship you will notice that the atrium is in the mold of the Metropolis of Superman fame.

The Miracle is a medium size… Continue reading

Hawaiian Cruise Aboard Norwegian’s Pride Of America

I recently spent some time visiting most of the major islands that make up Hawaii. This was my first trip to the 50th State, and I had a hard time making a decision about where to stay when I got there. I spent countless hours scouring the internet and various forums to get an inside scoop as to what island I would enjoy the most. What I found is that each island has a great deal to offer, and my ideal vacation would be spent seeing them all. That’s where Norwegian’s Pride of America came to the rescue.

THE SHIP… Continue reading

How to Plan a Group Cruise for Your Family and Friends

Get out pen and paper. Start making a list of all the people with whom you would love to spend an afternoon or evening. This will become your guest list for a private cruise on the beautiful waves of Singapore. If this sounds like something you want to do, the following tips will help you arrange the perfect trip, with the perfect people, and on the perfect boat. Whatever the occasion may be, everyone will get off the boat more relaxed and joyous than they stepped on it.

1. Consider all the variables to control cost, or go all out… Continue reading

Top Five Things to Do in Houston, TX

Listed below are the top five things to do in Houston, TX. This list is great for current Houston residents or people visiting Houston for the first time.

5. Kemah Board Walk

The Kemah Boardwalk has quickly evolved from a waterfront dining experience to a weekend destination. Roller coasters, Ferris wheels and other carnival rides make it fun for all ages. Kemah Boardwalk offers a variety of dining options all overlooking the water. Within walking distance of the board walk is the Lighthouse District where one can find live music and a variety of bars and restaurants excellent for enjoying… Continue reading

Chiang Mai Malls

Those looking for a Chiang Mai mall will find that they do have a number of exceptional choices in the area. For this selection of locations, you will find that you have a chance to choose from the Airport Plaza, Promenada and the Kad Suan Kaew. These locations are going to be filled with shopping options that will help you to get the full experience of the types of shopping that you can enjoy when you are visiting the local area.

Keep in mind that even when you are seeking out a Chiang Mai mall that you will want to… Continue reading

The Best Reasons to Visit Buenos Aires

The captivating capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is like a beautiful picture of a fine potpourri of the Colonial spirit blended with a cosmopolitan demeanor. Sitting on the picturesque Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires has undergone an overhauling, although you would notice some of those historic edifices and single-way alleys still standing with their past glory. Dotted with amusement parks and shopping plazas, on one hand, and museums and historical sites on the other, the city poses a mélange of places to explore on your trip.

Plaza De Mayo and Cabildo

The very quintessence of Buenos Aires’ colonialism… Continue reading

Advantages of an Airport Car Service

If you are going to another city or country and are worried about the transportation, the best option available to you would be airport car service. When traveling to a foreign place, you might not have a clear idea as to where you can get transportattion services. Therefore, it is important to make accommodation and transportation plans beforehand. Thanks to the introduction of the internet, there are lots of different places from where you can just book your whole vacation or parts of it online. You can easily make reservations for your hotel stay online, while you can… Continue reading

Enjoy An Inexpensive Trip With a Rental Car From Christchurch Airport

When you’re planning a holiday, sometimes you find that your budget doesn’t enable you to enjoy some of the things you were hoping to do. This isn’t something to be too concerned about however, because with fantastic cities such as Christchurch to visit, there are plenty of fun things to do that don’t weigh heavily on your pocket. One other major obstacle for families wanting to holiday, is the problem of how to make your way around the city once you’re there. Transportation is an important consideration when holidaying and fortunately for you, it is easily taken care of. Christchurch… Continue reading

How to Travel Around Singapore on a Budget

Singapore is an oasis in Southeast Asia. It is far more modern, efficient and progressive than its neighbors. If you are traveling around Southeast Asia, Singapore is a great place to stop to clean up, see a doctor and restock all your modern conveniences. It is a strictly ordered society with almost no crime, litter or poverty. It tends to be more expensive to travel around Singapore than neighboring countries, but if you follow these steps, it will be easy for you to travel there on a budget.


Shop around for airfare. Take a look at the online travel… Continue reading

What You Need to Know About the Backpack Traveler

Backpacking has always been something we see in the movies or hear during conversations. We have always wanted to try it but we are too scared of all the connotations. Plus we saw movies that are not really very supportive of the idea. Does backpacking really mean hitching rides and getting cut into pieces like what are shown in some horror movies? Does it entail a lot of walking and knowing people? What are the things that a backpack traveler needs to know?

– Backpacking is a term that’s simply used to describe traveling on a low and tight budget.… Continue reading

A Gastronomic Delight During Dorset Holidays

You will have a gastronomic delight as you try a plethora of flavors that will satisfy your senses. Make your Dorset holidays unforgettable as you relish comfort foods, home cooked meals and exotic cuisines. Stay at the self-catering holiday cottages for maximum comfort and luxury. You can find most holiday cottages near major tourist destinations. You will be pampered like VIPs at the excellent accommodations of the holiday cottages. During your Dorset holidays, explore the contrasting beauty of the county and strengthen your bond with your family. For a flavorful feast, here are some places worth visiting.

Riverside Restaurant

The… Continue reading

Affordable and Regular IndiGo Flights to Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and is the commercial capital of East India. Situated on the east bank of river Hooghly, the city has been one of the first cities to prosper in the country since the time British Colonized the country. It was in fact the capital of India during the British Rule. The third populous city of the country has been long known for its revolutionary, literary and artistic heritage. The land of great Rabindra Nath Tagore was also the birth place of other notable personalities of the nation. Kolkata is known to have a… Continue reading

Take Flights to South Africa and Enjoy Stupefying Safaris

Travellers contemplate booking tickets for South Africa to explore the know-how of the ancient cultures, feel the splendour of sun-kissed beaches, discover the fun of safaris and experience the amazing nightlife. This country promises to entice foodies with the mouth-watering cuisines and tempts with some world-class wines.

Amidst the gamut of enticements in the country, it is no denying the fact that it is the wildlife that scores maximum number of points with vacationers. Unsurprisingly, numerous safari operators provide different safari options, allowing travellers to explore the region’s exotic wildlife in style!

Budget Safaris

Discovering different cultures and superb game… Continue reading

Where to Go for Some of the Beast Bear Viewing in the World

There are many great options for bear viewing in Alaska

The great state of Alaska has a lot to offer to the outdoor traveler or wildlife enthusiasts and bear viewing is one of the most popular tours in the state for good reason. On most tours the flight out to the bear viewing areas alone is worth the price. The flight will take you past amazing scenery, in many cases over active volcanoes and glaciated mountains while en route to the bear viewing area.

If you are planning or considering a bear viewing tour here are a few suggestions to… Continue reading